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Cherry Torn

देश: United States

जन्म: 1986-07-29

आंख: Blue

बाल: Blonde

ऊंचाई: 170 cm

वजन: 52 kg

स्तन: Natural

विचारों: 2.5K

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"I was born and raised in South Carolina, but started my porn career in 2004 with fetish movies in Europe, coming back to America in 2007. Over the next 4 years I worked exclusively with producers on the BDSM circuit, but 2011 was the year I decided to jump into the mainstream porn world with both feet.

Girls, boys, interracial, anal, DPs, gangbangs and of course S&M...everything is on the table." - Cherry Torn, January 2nd, 2012.

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