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Violet Adamson

Takma adlar: Violet Addawson, Violet Addamson, Violet Adams, Shannon Shaftin

ülke: United States

Doğmak: 1975-07-01

Göz: Blue

Saç: Blonde

Boy uzunluğu: 157 cm

Ağırlık: 52 kg

Göğüsler: Natural

Görüntüleme: 1.2K

Violet Adamson videolar

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Violet Adamson was an American porn star renowned for her beauty, her large natural bust and for playing MILF roles. Though, the circumstances are unclear, it is reported (on her bio page on that she died in December 2010. The penultimate link at the bottom of this page states that she may have committed suicide due to being on the receiving end of what could potentially be domestic abuse.

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